Wednesday, 28 January 2015

@Alan -- {Adaption A} 17: Botox Fact: Minimalist Layout Attempt (B&W)

Which, if any, do you feel is the most successful?

New Influences


  1. For me, the 'is' is lost in the plunger in numbers 2 and 3... it reads as 'Botox the World'! (The 's' of 'World's' is also not visible on those ones.) Don't forget that you are only going to have about 5 seconds for each fact (allowing a few seconds for opening and closing credits), so it needs to be instantly readable.

    1. ...although I have just looked at the brief again, and you can go up to 2 mins in length, so some of your slides could be a little longer...

    2. That gives me a nice bit of leeway :)

      My preference is 05, but if the = sign makes sense then I could go with 06 instead. Is the "IS THE" text readable enough in 05?

  2. The 'is the' is readable in 5. Is this the font you will be using throughout?

    1. Ah excellent and definitely not, I've only used that font in this section because it works nicely to form the syringe - it is far too blocky to be used as a primary font, also it's Propaganda style would give the wrong impression.

      That's a point, if I were to make 01's "is the" text larger, and include the " 's " would that be better?

      For my primary fonts,
      I'm thinking a combination of 'Retro Town' for my general text

      'Friday 13' for scary/gross related words

      And 'Science Fair' for emphasis on "sciency" words such as oxygen micro-particle