Wednesday, 28 January 2015

{Adaption A} 16: "No Aliens" Sign Revised & Colour Experimentation

01 - 05 = design experimentation
06 - 09 = background & colour shade testing 

Preferences: 07 or 09.

Design development

Main alien - design development

Influence Map


  1. Can you try one of those last designs with a hand up on the crossbar - a bit like you have done in your first blue sketch or number 2? At the moment it looks a bit like he is hanging by his head...
    Are you going to be taking your colours from your 'Primary Influence Map', posted on 22nd Jan? Or are the colours more from the B-Movie influences...?

    1. Wow, what is seen can not be unseen... I'll get right on that!

      My colours are more from B Movie influences. What's your opinion on the background tests? Is the red/blue contrast too hard on the eye in 06, or does the darker red help on 07?

  2. For my eye, the red does actually not look any darker in 07 ! I prefer the darker background in 06 though...