Monday, 26 January 2015

{Adaption B} 07: Carbon as a 'Big Brother' Housemate


If Carbon were a person
Possible split personality, because of Carbon's different allotropes (physical forms).

Diamond is often related to class and wealth due to its cost and appearance, so a character based off of diamond could be a wealthy and attractive individual.

Diamond is an excellent abrasive due to its hardness, this could translate as an abrasive personality 
showing little concern for the feelings of others; harsh” - Google ‘define: abrasive’.

This treatment of Carbon as a harsh character (‘the rude one’) is further backed up by Diamond’s high thermal conductivity, leading to it being icy cold to the touch. 

Carbon could not only be a harsh, but also cold 
lacking affection or warmth of feeling; unemotional” – Google ‘define: cold’

Diamond’s strength allows it to have great sharpness, 
Crafty or deceitful. Fierce or impetuous; violent. Vigilant; alert.” [source]

Carbon could be dirty in the form of charcoal or studious / artistic in the form of graphite. 

Carbon as a character could also fall into the category of ‘the promiscuous one’ as a Big Brother housemate due to diamond’s beauty but also carbon’s dirtiness as coal. 

Carbon could even be ‘the playa’ as a kind of femme fatale.

Physical appearance
Female, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ and the societal femininity of diamond.
Thin (less body fat = equals less warmth = cold).
Blue tinged pale skin.
Attractive, referring to the beauty of cut diamonds.
Wide, alert eyes.
Wearing several layers of upper class clothing, for warmth.
Sour expression, to help show harsh personality.
Overarching colour scheme, blues, whites and blacks in reference to Carbon’s allotropes.
A smoker; Carbon as coal, soot and ash.
Her clothes could also be soot stained (this I’m less keen on).

Femme fatale [source]

Carbon Research [source]
About 20% of the weight of living organisms is carbon.

Graphene is the thinnest, strongest material ever known.

Carbon is made within stars when they burn helium. Carbon is part of the ‘ash’ formed by helium burning. Coal = amorphous carbon. Diamond = crystalline carbon.

Diamond is an excellent abrasive because it is the hardest common material and has the highest thermal conductivity.

Carbon can exist with several different 3 dimensional structures in which its atoms are arranged differently (allotropes).

Graphite is one of the softest substances.

DNA’s double helix is made by carbon’s ability to form long molecular chains. Carbon nanotubes have outstanding tensile strength – two orders of magnitude higher than graphite fibres, Kevlar or steel.

Carbon is used as a fuel (coal)

Diamonds are used in jewellery and because they are so hard in industry for cutting drilling, grinding and polishing.

Natural diamonds are found in kimberlite from ancient volcanoes.

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