Wednesday, 14 January 2015

@Alan -- {Adaption B} 03: Book Interests


My main interest is The Difference Engine, I feel imagining what the alternate history described might look like is very appealing. It lends itself nicely to a unique design aesthetic.

I would also consider adapting some of the Winnie-the-Pooh characters into something more adult oriented, such as transforming them into (possibly) darker versions of themselves, more visually representative of the mental disorders they have been suggested to represent.

I am also interested in Fantastic Voyage II, however I worry that by doing such an adaption it may be difficult to avoid it becoming generic due 'inside the body' having already been, and continuing to be done e.g. the movie Fantastic Voyage, Once Upon A Time... Life,  and Osmosis Jones being some examples.

The rest also interest me because of their content, however I have not yet thought about specific intentions for them...

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  1. HI Danny

    We'll have a chat about these during the Maya class tomorrow