Wednesday, 25 January 2017

[IdiotEngine] 01: GotG Star-Lord Bag Buckle 3D Modelling

Recently I began working with my friend JD on producing custom 3D models for his up-and-coming, previously one-man props, replicas & custom hero suits company, known as IdiotEngine; best known for its high quality handmade superhero suits and well realised prop reproductions, which are all created with a meticulous eye, as if a love letter to the characters and companies JD loves so dear. 

I recently 3D modelled the Star-Lord sling bag buckle for JD's personal project, for which he's building his own Star-Lord cosplay/costume, complete with helmet, headphones, jacket, 3D prints of Star-Lord's gun, bag buckle & the Infinity Orb, as well as handmade boots, Star-Lord sling bag, and 
custom Sony Walkman.

Smoothed buckle orthographic views

Buckle wireframe-on-shaded orthographic views

A collection of buckle modelling screenshots

Star-Lord buckle Influence Map / rough orthographic guide

Having an experienced 3D modeller on the team has begun to allow JD to even further expand upon what he is able to produce, especially in the case of 3D printed objects that would be far too time-consuming for him to sculpt entirely by hand. Of course, having a plain 3D printed object is one thing, but the sizing, sanding, smoothing, painting and in the case of fabric/leather-based props, stitching and weathering of the object is a whole other story. Thankfully, however, JD has had a passion for the handmade since a child, and is hoping to make IdiotEngine an official full-time production in the near future. Next up will be modelling some of the components of Star-Lord's headphones, before moving on to potentially larger builds.

Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) [source]

JD's near-complete Star-Lord sling bag, with weathering in its early stages.

The buckle 3D print [source: @IdiotEngine]

A bigger project for IdiotEngine may likely be 3D modelling Fallout 4's brutal fiery sword weapon, the Shishkebab, for JD to 3D print and do all the rest of the hard work with. I think you'll agree this sounds flaming awesome! sorry, couldn't resist! :L

A fire-starting Fallout 4 weapon that would make even The Prodigy happy [source]