Monday, 30 May 2016

@Phil [ND16] 01: Showcase Images 01; Character Trump Cards

So far I have created trump cards for Oxygen, Hydrogen One and Hydrogen Two, I will also be creating individual cards for Iron and Water; making up 5 of the 7 showcase images available to me. They are all being designed at A1 scale, however due to the large size I am unable to save them out as very high resolution image files, resulting from unexpected problems with available RAM on my home computer; to solve this I will be sending the PSD over to Phil via WeTransfer. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Influence Image

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

[Major Project] Submission Post

Rendered Iron + Tablet Scene

Character Turnarounds

Act One Pre-Vis

"Elements Academy" Making Of

This will be provided on the submission computer, because as of 5:08pm I am unable to export my Making Of pages from Photoshop, and the software is refusing to open on my home computer. I will attempt to open this within the University soon, once I have commuted there. If I have no luck I will be forced to include the Photoshop file as my Making Of, because it includes all the individual pages set out in order. If time allows, I will provide it within this blog post, if I am able to open Photoshop and turn it into a PDF document.


I have managed to solve the issue at University, and have provided my Making Of below...

[Major Project] 59: Elements Academy; Act 01 - Full Pre-Vis (Error Solved)


Sunday, 8 May 2016

[Major Project] 55: Character Turnarounds; Colour & Wireframe Passes

The music is I Like It That Way 4 (60), purchased on a Home & Student license from Audio Network, which is a longer version of the music used for my now-defunct intro animatic. The character names are written in the font Bubbleboddy Neue, by ZetaFonts on Dafont.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

@Phil [Major Project] 54: Character Turnarounds; Colour Pass

I will be setting up the wireframe pass for each of my characters once I have made progress with the Iron + Tablet scene. I rendered out my turnarounds using at High Priority, which cost between $4 - $6 per 200 frame turnaround; not the $200 total I had been imagining! I have yet to fully eat through all of the 50 free render credits, as negotiated for us by our course leader Phil.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

@Phil [Major Project] 53: 'Making Of' Progress 02; Revised Design

Phil I've incorporated your feedback from my previous post, how's this? I've also made the canvas a bit bigger to allow 3mm for colour bleeding, and made sure my graphics & text are all within a 5 to 10mm safety area. I don't know much about printing, do I need to include a bleed in the centre of the double page spread?

Photoshop Canvas with Guides

Revised Pages

Monday, 2 May 2016

@Alan [Major Project] 52: 'Making Of' Progress 01; Early Feedback?

Here are a few pages of my Making Of; all but the cover page are to be treated as double-page spreads. I'm uploading these few pages now in hopes of receiving feedback regarding layout, colour, use of font etc. to hopefully avoid having to make massive changes later. While I wait for feedback, I will continue the Iron-centric portion of my Making Of, alongside my other work.

@Phil [Major Project] 51: Animation/Pre-Vis 01; Collision Scene - Progress 01

Using stepped animation I have been figuring out the key poses for my collision/conflict scene. I have set up five different poses spanning the beginning of the scene to just before the explosion happens. These have been explored with a variety of camera angles, which are shown in their intended order, and numbered to make it easier to provide feedback on specific shots. The current timing of the shots and poses does not represent that of the final animation.