Monday, 2 May 2016

@Phil [Major Project] 51: Animation/Pre-Vis 01; Collision Scene - Progress 01

Using stepped animation I have been figuring out the key poses for my collision/conflict scene. I have set up five different poses spanning the beginning of the scene to just before the explosion happens. These have been explored with a variety of camera angles, which are shown in their intended order, and numbered to make it easier to provide feedback on specific shots. The current timing of the shots and poses does not represent that of the final animation.


  1. Evening Danny - I must say I'm finding this method difficult to connect with; it would be easier if I was looking at an actual pre-viz, but I assume you don't have time to generate one? I would observe that on the shot at 3 secs, the framing is cutting Iron off at the forehead, so I'd look at moving the camera up a little bit so Iron's face/head could be more in shot?

    1. No you're right, I don't have time to produce a proper pre-vis, sorry :/ and thank you, I'll tilt that up a bit more then. I'll avoid @Phil'ing you while it's in its current rough stepped form from now on.