Monday, 30 May 2016

@Phil [ND16] 01: Showcase Images 01; Character Trump Cards

So far I have created trump cards for Oxygen, Hydrogen One and Hydrogen Two, I will also be creating individual cards for Iron and Water; making up 5 of the 7 showcase images available to me. They are all being designed at A1 scale, however due to the large size I am unable to save them out as very high resolution image files, resulting from unexpected problems with available RAM on my home computer; to solve this I will be sending the PSD over to Phil via WeTransfer. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Influence Image


  1. I like these Danny - but they're not really demonstrating your skills as a character designer... Personally, I'd like to see much more of your process here - iterations of character design etc.

    1. So back to square one? Can at least one of these make up part of my portion of the display?

    2. Danny, don't rely on Phil seeing your response here... he can't keep going back and checking everyone that he has commented on! :)