Wednesday, 1 June 2016

@Phil [ND16] 02: Showcase Images 02; Iron Design Dev - Test Page

Below I have provided a mock up of one of my showcase images. If feedback is positive I will re-create this as a high resolution version and will do the same for my Hydrogen, Oxygen and Water characters. If given the go ahead for this, one of my last three available pages will deal with character wireframes. Another will be dedicated to the development & finalisation of the Elements Academy logo. 

The final one will either feature Oxygen's character trump card from my previous post, or alternatively show better-lit versions of my posed characters - depending on the feedback on this post. If the lone trump card proves unsuitable for the New Designers display, I will re-interpret them for placement within my Making Of. At the time of posting, I've noticed I need to adjust the spacing of the colour swatches in relation to Iron's orthographics & head thumbnails.

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  1. Yes, I like these Danny - very intuitive in terms of engaging with your design process - yep, look again at your spacing as your silhouettes are bit shunted to the right. In regards to your seven poster pages, I wouldn't necessarily give one over to the elements academy branding - maybe just think about putting all your characters on one poster page?