Monday, 13 June 2016

@Phil [ND16] 09: Business Cards; Second Draft - Front & Back

In response to Phil's feedback on my previous post, I have re-designed my business card to incorporate all the relevant information on the card's front, and proudly displayed my characters on the back. I'm unsure which of the individual Hydrogen Twins and Oxygen back designs I want to go with, so I have provided two versions of each to choose from. In this case I prefer the Hydrogen twins original landscape orientation pose (HBV2). 

I'm not sure if Oxygen's image looks better with him surrounded by white space (OBV1), or whether it works with him filling the card (OBV2)? I've created multiple versions of the business card's front, and have chosen FV2 as my favourite.


Front V2 (FV2)

Other Front Versions

Front V1 (FV1)

Front V3 (FV3)

Front V4 (FV4)

Front V5 (FV5) 

Back Designs

Oxygen Back Design V1 (OBV1)

Oxygen Back Design V2 (OBV2)

Water Back Design (WBV1)

Hydrogen Twins Back Design V1 (HBV1)

Hydrogen Twins Back Design V2 (HBV2)

Iron Back Design (IBV1)

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  1. Hey Danny - okay - yes, so your favourite 'back' is fine, though I'd be tempted to drop the contact details a bit lower as right now all the gaps between all the lines of text are the same, and I think it would be good to make a bit more distinction between the name and jobs title and the contact details; just shunt the contact details a few millimetres lower, so that the text elements read as two separate bits.

    In terms of your front choices, I think you should only go with three, and drop Iron - I think the three other characters are stronger in this context: so for me, it would be OBV1, WBV1, and HBV2 (though I'd be looking at getting rid of that shadow of his arm over his eye, as this looks a bit careless somehow in terms of a still image). If you were going to use Iron too, while this composition obviously works, the fact that his head is blending too much with his body makes this image not immediately easy to read; if you could re-render to pop the separate parts a bit more, then I think this card design would work effectively too :)