Wednesday, 15 June 2016

@Phil [ND16] 10: Business Cards; Third Draft - Front & Back

I have incorporated the edits Phil suggested in my previous post. I've made Iron's head stand out by darkening his torso texture and provided two versions of this, because I'm not sure if Version 1's torso is too dark (IBV1)?

For Approval / Feedback

Front (Third Draft)

Hydrogen Twins Revised Back Design (HBV1)

Iron Revised Back Design V1 (IBV1)

Iron Revised Back Design V2 (IBV2)

Previously Approved

Oxygen Back Design V1 (OBV1)

Water Back Design (WBV1)

1 comment:

  1. okay so yes to the text side - looks fine - Iron Revised V1 for me, and I think you should try and do away completely with the shadows on the rear Hydrogen twin - the shadow still looks too conspicuous.