Friday, 12 December 2014

[Narrative] 48: A Texture, Base 'Making Of' Theme, Female Rig

Before Sukhi took over and continued the Making Of, I had established the basic theme and colour scheme based off of the cupboard doors seen on our animation. Unfortunately she was unable to access the font I had used, for it would not download. I also designed the "Angry Snail Pizza" texture for the pizza box that hits our male character. I also created the rig for the female character, as well as added her controls. I still need to upload a video of the movement of the skinned female hands and head which I had performed - the rest of the skinning process was performed by Adam.

Original Making Of title page

Angry Snail Pizza texture map.
Texture source images:
Snail (pre-edit)

Female rig - orthographics

Female rig - perspective

Thursday, 11 December 2014

[Narrative] 47: What I Animated

Here is the segment of our animation that I animated and performed teh camera work for, I also added any sound heard in versions of our animation including pre-vis and the most developed version as shown at the Crit. 

Tasks I am soon to upload are the rigging of the female character as done by me, as well as the skinning of her head and hands - the rest of her body was done by Adam so I could animate the depicted part of 'Bon Appétite'.

Monday, 1 December 2014

[Narrative] 46: “Bon Appétit” Revised Pre-Vis – Clip and Events Desc.

More Pre-Vis? This Late?!
After Sukhi's advice and previous comments from Alan, I have changed much of the events of our story. I returned to the pre-vis to better help us visualise the events and camera setup when animating.

When animating for the revised pre-vis I began by performing more detailed movements with the default characters, however I took advice from a classmate concerning this being unnecessary considering the exact motions would be repeated in the final animation; this resulted in me simply performing basic movements of the objects and characters themselves to illustrate what would be happening - this can be seen in the form of floating objects. 

The camera positioning seen in this clip is not representative of what will be used in the animation itself. I had tested out other camera angles with our previous pre-vis but I am unable to upload them tonight due to software differences.

Further Events
To save wasting time I have decided to detail the rest of the main events with bullet points, these are:
  • As the guy shakes multiple spices into the pan, each time he puts one back down it slowly dislodges an apple holding the shelf up; the apple being sat in a fruit bowl beneath the shelf. Many of the spices he forgets to put the lid back on.
  • As the incline grows everything on the shelf slowly begins sliding towards the spice rack.
  • Eventually the apple is completely dislodged from beneath the shelf, causing the shelf to fall and knock the spice rack over.
  • Knocking various open and unopened spices into the pan.
  • While panicking the guy tries to remedy the situation, pulling stuff out of the pan.
  • In the confusion he hits his head on the heat extractor, this leaves him dazed, causes the already loose pans to fall down and causes a wonky overhead cupboard to open further.
  • He tastes the food, hates it.
  • While dazed and hoping to cover up the bad taste so his date enjoys it, just missing pans on the floor, he moves over to the fridge but hits his head on the open cupboard.
  • Even more dazed he slips on a pan, as he falls he hangs onto the fridge handle, swinging with the open door before falling on his behind - meanwhile a couple of objects fall out of the open fridge and hit his head.
  • Post-Credits: We see him nervously present a plate of the disgusting food to his date (possibly while rubbing his head with his other hand) hoping by some luck she likes it, after taking a hesitant bite, she loves it and begins to scoff it.
  • END

Sunday, 30 November 2014

[Narrative] 45: “Bon Appétit” Pre-Vis – Audio Sources


Stove, pellet, running loop

Rice or potatoes boiling in water with frothing

Paper pamphlet drop onto cement surface

Object bang inside washing machine drum

Kitchen timer counts down

Evidence of royalty free – via video description:
"If you want to use any of my Sound Effects, Atmospheres: Please give me a 'Thumb Up' and a 'Thanks To' credit in your movie. All Sounds For Free."

Salt or pepper grinder place down on table version 1

Kitchen timer bell ring

Bacon frying in pan

Door close 2

Needle Scratching Record

Summer night ambience – insects, crickets and frogs

Wood hit plastic 1

Ice chunk heavy 01

Rummaging through kitchen utensils

Pots and pans crash hit

Light wooden door squeak

Digital bathroom scales slide across lino floor and hit wall

Rubber toy spin, swish through air

Stylus drop onto record

Pasta scrape from pan with wooden spoon 001

Person eating apple

Wood creak long

Oven grill door open

Person jump and land on wooden boardwalk 002

Rope swinging swish 2

Wood bat falling in grass (YouTube Audio Library)

Rope spin in air like lasso version 3

Swallow, wet, squelchy, close up

Baby grobag drop on floor

Wood hit metal heavy 1

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

[Narrative] 39: Male Character Modelling; Body Progress 01

So far I have completed the shirt and the bow tie, meanwhile the apron is in progress.

[Narrative] 38: Male Character Modelling; Head Progress 05 - COMPLETE

I am aware of several errors in the model, the most significant of these exist as part of the hair - these include: a triangle at the back of the head and the hair wrapping around the back of the head in an odd manner, and the likely unnecessary high level of geometry used to make up the hair, among other errors I may not be aware of. 

An error that does not require remedying is the width of the face, this is purely the fault of the character's symmetry at an orthographic level.

It is hoped that I will have the full character model complete by tomorrow at 2pm, at which point I plan to receive guidance from Alan concerning fixing my model's issues.

Since my last post I have given the nose nostrils, completed the throat, modelled the hair, modelled the eyebrows and added the eyes. The eyebrows had to be scaled up because in three dimensions they looked too small and feminine.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

[Narrative] 37: Male Character Modelling; Head Progress 04

With the head nearly complete, I will soon be able to move on to modelling the hair and body - a process which will be much quicker and easier due to their relative simplicity.

While some things worked in 2D, they did not work in 3D; such as the lack of detail of the ears, the size of the nose, the lack of an iris and the angle of the ears. 

I have also incorporated a subtle love heart shape into the design of the nose. At the time of posting, the throat is currently in progress.