Friday, 12 December 2014

[Narrative] 48: A Texture, Base 'Making Of' Theme, Female Rig

Before Sukhi took over and continued the Making Of, I had established the basic theme and colour scheme based off of the cupboard doors seen on our animation. Unfortunately she was unable to access the font I had used, for it would not download. I also designed the "Angry Snail Pizza" texture for the pizza box that hits our male character. I also created the rig for the female character, as well as added her controls. I still need to upload a video of the movement of the skinned female hands and head which I had performed - the rest of the skinning process was performed by Adam.

Original Making Of title page

Angry Snail Pizza texture map.
Texture source images:
Snail (pre-edit)

Female rig - orthographics

Female rig - perspective

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