Monday, 28 March 2016

[Major Project] 31: Oxygen Character; Rigging 01 - Controls Turnaround

Next up is constraining the controls to Oxygen's joints, before setting the limits. When Oxygen's rig is complete I will be able to begin creating the pre-vis for the majority of my animation, while I skin and rig Water. Meanwhile I shall also continue my search for voice-over actors, and will use placeholder voice recordings for the time being. The classroom also needs to be created, but I have a good idea of the method I'm going to use to design it: the objects shapes will all be inspired by chemistry equipment, and their textures will be simple & limited to a maximum of 4 colours each.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

@Alan [Major Project] 28: Water Character; Texturing Complete

@Alan I've been investigating my texture & lighting attributes in search of the cause of the brownish "ring" around much of my character, a feature that is also noticeable as part of Oxygen's model. Do you know how I can fix this, or make it look less prominent? Is this simply a result of there being no surroundings for Water's 0.500 Reflectivity to pick up on?

"brownish ring" close-up

Water Face/Torso, Hands, Band & Shoes UV Map

Water Eyes UV Map

Monday, 14 March 2016

@Alan [Major Project] 22: Hydrogen; Complete Rig Demo & Brow Scaling Issue

In future I will be creating a Face-Cam for Hydrogen, a Pose Library for his brows and mouth, and a Controls Interface using MEL Scripting. However since Hydrogen's primary set-up is now fully complete (modelling, skinning, rigging & texturing), I will complete these 'extra bits' at a later date.

I have encountered one final problem, this time involving Hydrogen's eyebrows not scaling correctly with the rest of Hydrogen's geometry via the World CTRL, even with Inherits Transform turned off in the appropriate areas (the Geometry_Grp and Brows_Misc_Grp).

The eyebrow ribbons scale absolutely fine...

...but the eyebrow geometry does not.

Monday, 7 March 2016

[Major Project] 21: Elements Academy EP01 Script; Phil's Edit

Our course leader Phil has edited my previous draft of my Elements Academy script, and we have discussed it further in a tutorial with him today. The tutorial has raised some very exciting prospects which I look forward to incorporating!

[Major Project] 20: Hydrogen Character; New Brow Joints & Vinyl Texture

This marks the end of the texturing and skinning processes for Hydrogen, next up is rigging him.