Wednesday, 23 March 2016

@Alan [Major Project] 28: Water Character; Texturing Complete

@Alan I've been investigating my texture & lighting attributes in search of the cause of the brownish "ring" around much of my character, a feature that is also noticeable as part of Oxygen's model. Do you know how I can fix this, or make it look less prominent? Is this simply a result of there being no surroundings for Water's 0.500 Reflectivity to pick up on?

"brownish ring" close-up

Water Face/Torso, Hands, Band & Shoes UV Map

Water Eyes UV Map

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  1. Hi Danny. Without looking at your scene I'd guess yes you're right its the reflection of the maya world (no environment). Add an 'Env Sphere' node into the reflection colour of your shader. Then hook it up to an image - this can be a dome of an actual environment or something simple (coloured image) made in Photoshop.