Wednesday, 19 November 2014

[Narrative] 38: Male Character Modelling; Head Progress 05 - COMPLETE

I am aware of several errors in the model, the most significant of these exist as part of the hair - these include: a triangle at the back of the head and the hair wrapping around the back of the head in an odd manner, and the likely unnecessary high level of geometry used to make up the hair, among other errors I may not be aware of. 

An error that does not require remedying is the width of the face, this is purely the fault of the character's symmetry at an orthographic level.

It is hoped that I will have the full character model complete by tomorrow at 2pm, at which point I plan to receive guidance from Alan concerning fixing my model's issues.

Since my last post I have given the nose nostrils, completed the throat, modelled the hair, modelled the eyebrows and added the eyes. The eyebrows had to be scaled up because in three dimensions they looked too small and feminine.

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