Saturday, 10 January 2015

{Adaption B} 01: Ideas; From Poetry - "Road Rage"


For Part B of our Adaption project I have decided that my piece of work will be adapted from poetry. After looking at several examples I have narrowed it down to my current favourite, a relatable and comedic poem called Road Rage by

He hasn't seen a traffic jam, 
like this in many years. 
He should have stayed home, 
with his dog and few cold beers.

His car hasn't moved in minutes, 
he's on the verge of showing rage. 
Nothing will stop him now, 
not even an old hard lonely cage.

The noise began suddenly, 
when he let his car horn fly. 
Expressing his displeasure, 
he wasn't very shy.

Then he began to argue, 
with any soul that dared. 
He turned flush red with anger, 
as his big old nostrils flared.

He jumped out of his car, 
and began to wave his cane. 
Grandpa forget he was 91, 
and all his old age pain.

Finally someone calmed him, 
and asked for seven sixty-five. 
Grandpa paid for his burger and fries, 
and slowly began to drive.

I would turn this into an animated short (without actual poetry) mainly shot from within the car, which makes use of camera angles to avoid revealing the man's true identity and where he actually is until the final moments e.g. via close-ups of parts of his face and body.

I could enforce the annoying traffic jam aesthetic further via rainfall, blurring the scenery in front of him and allowing for a matte painting or low poly models to replace the other cars. 

I could also avoid having to fully model the fast food employee if necessary, via only their hand and arm being seen. The ending could be shown in a long shot, revealing the drive thru and other aesthetics such as a zimmer frame strapped to the car roof.

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  1. Hi Danny

    To be a little blunt...The poem is somewhat generic and amateurish. From a design point of view there are no real 'leads' to follow either. You have to be careful choosing source material from the internet, particularly if you're not someone who's familiar with poetry (do you read poetry?). If not it would be a safer option to start with recognised writers such as Edgar Allan Poe to help you understand what makes them better - start by researching 'the greats', read articles, blogs, and books to absorb yourself in subject...gain some knowledge about poetry before choosing a poem. I would also suggest not rushing your choice and then trying to design an animation in the abstract. The animation will happen over time and through development.

    One last suggestion - Try to think about this project on a personal level, what do you like and what do you want to achieve? Character design? modelling,? animation? Are you just choosing poetry because it was on the presentation? What do you normally read? What interests you? Do you like comedy, drama, animation, or film? Write a personal list and bring it to your tutorial...