Tuesday, 27 January 2015

{Adaption A} 14: "The Top 10 Facts about Weird Science" Script

Fact 10
10. Unnatural!
Scientists invented
An oxygen micro particle
That lets you temporarily live without breathing
When injected into the bloodstream
A medical marvel!

Fact 09
09. Breath-taking!
One oxygen molecule
Can be breathed by 100s of people & animals
Including Albert Einstein
And the dinosaurs
But there is A LOT of Oxygen on Earth
About 67 quindecillion Oxygen atoms
[faded 67,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 text in background]
So breathing the same air as Einstein is unlikely

Fact 08
08. Bwarking Hell!
In 1945, Mike the chicken was beheaded
And survived!
[Graphic: chicken head on plate, headless chicken beside it, ‘plucking’ at plate]
“Miracle Mike” toured America
[North American continent with chicken head and legs / chicken ‘road trip’ map]
Making his owner $4,500 per month
That’s ≈ $59,000 today! (≈ £39,000)
Mike lived for 18 months
And died choking on a corn kernel

Fact 07
7. Hair-Raising!
A full head of human hair
[Rapunzel parody graphic]
Can support 12 tonnes
That’s the weight of 2 elephants!
[2 elephants swinging on hair]

Fact 06
06. Horror Hands!
More germs 
Are transferred shaking hands
Than kissing
80% of infections 
Are spread by hand

Fact 05
05. No Frogging Way!
Until the 1960’s,
Injecting a female African clawed frog
With a woman’s urine
[Needle poking in frog’s backside, frog with wide eyes]
Was the only reliable pregnancy test
[Pregnancy test with frog silhouettes instead of red lines]
If the woman were pregnant, the frog would ovulate 
Within 12 hours

Fact 04
04. The Dead Rise!
In the 1930s, Dr. Robert Cornish (1903 – 1963)
Killed dogs and tried to revive them
Using an injection + seesaw combo
Each dog was nicknamed Lazarus
Lazarus IV and V rose from the dead!
But they had brain damage
Lazarus IV was blind and unable to stand alone

Fact 03
03. Spit Tsunami!
On average a person produces 2 pints of saliva per day!
Enough to fill 2 swimming pools
In a lifetime!

Fact 02
02. Shock-tox!
Botox is the world’s
Deadliest toxin
2 teaspoons will
Kill everyone in the UK
2kg will kill everyone in the world!

Fact 01
01. We are not alone!
And we don’t mean aliens.
[Graphic of sad ET / alien behind a ‘no’ sign]
We are covered with billions of tiny microbes!
Identity: Bacteria & Viruses
They live on and INSIDE us.
[Human body silhouette with bacteria wiggling on it, door inside chest opens revealing more bacteria inside]
There are more microbes on 1 person than humans on Earth.
There is no escape!
[Falling microbes pile up, filling the screen]

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