Sunday, 18 January 2015

{Adaption A} 06: Infographic Influence Map and Font Research

The Top 10 Facts about Weird Science

The fonts used (and possibly the transitions) will take inspiration directly from 1950's B-movie trailers, namely those of the sci-fi and horror genres. 

The colour scheme used will be surreal to emphasise the weird factor. 

As a callback to the low budget nature of B-movies, I like the idea of any graphics having a cardboard cut-out on a stick aesthetic. The designs of the graphics would be deliberately simple but also weird / creepy where possible e.g. a human character with a puppet-like mouth.

There will be no voice-over, instead there will be a soundtrack inspired by the over-dramatic instrumentals of 1950's B-movie sci-fi and horror trailers.

 Influence Map

Font Research
In no particular order

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