Wednesday, 21 January 2015

@Alan -- {Adaption A} 10: Infographic Soundtrack Research

@Alan Are any of these music examples along the right lines of what might suit my "Top 10 Facts about Weird Science" infographic? Embeds removed due to unfortunate auto-play feature.

Léon Theremin using his invention. [source]

Note: The well known sci-fi instrument used in most, if not all the audio clips below is called a Theremin [1] [2]

Carnival of the Dead (1 minute)

Creature Feature (1 min, 46 sec)

Podmen from Sector 7 (1 min, 49 sec)

Halloween X-Files Theme (2 min, 39 sec)

From Another World (2 min, 58 sec)

Mystery of Planet X (1 min, 21 sec)

Mystery of Planet X 3 (1 min, 21 sec)


  1. I think the Theremin fits well to your 50s B-movie idea :) I like the Mystery of Planet X 3 best...

    1. Thats a relief! And thank you very much :) great thing is 'Mystery of Planet X 3' is only 83 pence for Home & Student use.

    2. Don't just take my word though... do a bit of a poll and see what other people think! And make sure you get to speak to Alan about it...

    3. Ahh a poll's an excellent idea