Friday, 9 January 2015

{Adaption A} 02: The Top 10 Facts About Weird Science - Clownfish

Before I get on with the Maya tutorials, I have quickly thought of an amusing example of weird science that can/will feature in my infographic on 'The Top 10 Facts About Weird Science'.

This is the fact that clownfish can change sex depending on their social situation. Immediately the comedic image of Nemo revealing his complete change of sex to his dad came to mind, of which I have thumbnailed on my whiteboard.

Dad: "Nemo are you in there?", Nemo: "Hi dad, I'm Nimi now."

A useful shot from Finding Nemo (2003) [source]



  1. Hi Danny,

    Be careful here - you need to be sure in your own mind what you mean by 'weird science', otherwise you could end up with a mishmash of subjects.... for me, the clownfish scenario is more of a 'weird nature' fact than science. It could end up looking a little odd and confusing if you are jumping from nature-based facts to the more experiment-based topics.

    1. Ah that's a good point! I'll do some quick base research on weird nature and weird science to find out which'll give me the most appealing / entertaining set of ideas :)