Friday, 16 January 2015

{Adaption B} 04: Periodic Elements as "Big Brother" Contestants

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What happened to the books?
I have decided to move away from book adaptations and move onto something I find much more inspiring; adapting some of the periodic elements into characters. A decision based on my strong interest in science, my love of 3D modelling and my enjoyment of character design.

What's the logic?
After further advice from Alan, I have decided that the underlying logic of these characters is that they are being made for a 3D animated film in which the characters are housemates within the Big Brother house.

Why Big Brother?
I have thought about alternative ideas such as a sit-com, or 'whodunnit' backing. However, having been a viewer of the UK version of Big Brother for several years, I have the understanding of the show's logic and recurring archetypes which I can pull on to produce an interesting final piece.

Big Brother archetypes
Off the top of my head, some of the recurring BB archetypes are...

The loud one
Can be either irritating or appealing to the viewer, depending on entertainment value.

Charlotte Crosby - Celeb BB 2013

The dramatic one
"Oh god a fly, RUN!!!", "You ate my toast!" *cries for two hours* (examples)

Nikki Grahame - BB 2006

The controversial one
Can sometimes survive until final, or at least longer than the public may expect. Depending on the reason for controversy can make for interesting viewing, but often hated or has a mixed public reaction.

Alexandra De-Gale - BB 2008

The "spiteful" one
The one you love to hate, kept in because they stir up the house. Male or female.

Katie Hopkins - Celeb BB 2015

The 'playa' 
The one that the public hates, but keeps in to see what happens.

The promiscuous one 
Very flirtatious and sexually obsessed, depending on personality and reaction to alcohol has been known to have sex on national TV. Mixed reactions from the public.

The naughty one 
Not necessarily sexual, can simply be childish and/or scatty.

The nice one 
Has often been known to be winning material, if entertaining.

The quiet one 
Often a nice person but public can find boring, so often voted out.

The game player 
Hated on by housemates, mixed reaction by public - BB is a game.

The weird one 
If gross weird, either doesn't last long or proves entertaining. If funny weird, may last long - mixed reaction by public.

The dark horse 
Often disliked / considered dull in the beginning but reaches final, or wins.

The rude one 
Reaction hugely dependant on the level and type of rudeness - Celebrity Big Brother 2015 is a perfect example.

The lazy one 
Often nominated but if their personality is interesting to public, they survive.

The tragic one 
Sad backstory; can be loved or hated by public if they use it to their advantage.

The cook 
Other housemates seem to briefly lose their minds without this housemate.

The camp one 
Often liked by public if a nice person, can be very entertaining.

^The above archetypes are not limited to a single housemate each, often a housemate displays a multiplicity of these characteristics as well as others I haven't mentioned.

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  1. It will be interesting to see how you link these characteristics to the elements! :)