Saturday, 28 November 2015

@Phil [Minor Project] 25: Oxygen Character; Thumbnails 26-55

In response to Phil's feedback on my previous post I have adjusted my approach to Oxygen's design. My favourite thumbnails are 55, 49 and 43I quite like 49, however I'm unsure whether the off-centre mouth adds too much asymmetry to the design? This is why it has been shown as my second favourite, rather than my first.


Oxygen character thumbnails 26-55

New influences

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  1. I think his mouth can remain symmetrical - just not 'fish-like' - I like the addition of the freckles too.

    I had this additional thought too...

    (Notice how the features are actually pushed up towards the top of the sphere, as opposed to sitting directly in the middle - and notice too that they little noses...)

    But I'm not suggesting you give him horns!