Sunday, 22 November 2015

[Minor Project] 22: Iron Character; Front View w/ Correct Hands & Other Dev.

Figuring out the side view of Iron's hands was a pretty straightforward process. I then moved on to establishing where the hands finger joints / 'folds' would be via the Top View; the correct movement of Iron's thumbs will become more clear when viewed during skin-testing of the 3D model.

Iron Front View with Correct Hands

Hand Side View Development

Iron's hands may bend at the joints as if they were composed of flexible heat-softened annealed metal...



  1. He looks good, Danny :)

    Looking forward to seeing water and oxygen take shape nice and sharpish!

    1. Thank you Phil :) and the unnecessity of the silhouette stage for Oxygen and possibly water will help me speed things right up!


    So - kindly, decent, energetic, but mischievous (he can and does 'play up' if encouraged by other students! Peer pressure!