Tuesday, 24 November 2015

[Minor Project] 23: Hydrogen Character; Modelling Progress 01

I'm going to ask for Alan's advice tomorrow on how I should best go about reducing the complexity of the geometry around Hydrogen's eyes to achieve a cleaner mesh, especially the closely packed edges running below the eyes. 

The body circle in Hydrogen's top view is not accurately representative of the body's top view, however the hands are accurately presented. 

My biggest struggle so far has been keeping Hydrogen's body properly spherical when I add & adjust new edges, however I am now trying to remedy this by using a live ('magnetised') NURBS sphere to help me position the vertices along a curve.

I have also adjusted the shape of the eye holes to take into account the eyelids.



1 comment:

  1. Hi Danny,

    Just had another look at the mouth... is it going to be as thin as that? (Looking at the wireframe top view)
    Would the opening not open into nothing, rather than into his head, if you see what I mean?