Thursday, 12 November 2015

@Phil [Minor Project] 18: Iron Character; Face Thumbnails 01-20

The grayscale represents Iron's colour brightness only, not the final hue or saturation. Iron's brows have been coloured more lightly for clarity, however as part of the character model these would be the same colour as Iron's body to keep with the 4 colour limit intended for each character (sclera/eye-whites, pupils, body, mouth). 
My favourite thumbnails are 20, 09 and 13.


Iron Face Thumbnails 01 - 20

Influence Map

Below are the shaded silhouettes of Iron's front & side orthographic views, the hands in the front view are temporarily positioned with the palms forward, this will be switched with a side-on view once it has been designed.


  1. I like 09 - though you might want to bring carbon back into the mix, because you want to ensure this guy is distinct. I'd like to see both their faces together so we can nuance them accordingly. In general terms, I think this guy is coming along nicely :) Onwards!