Thursday, 26 November 2015

@Phil [Minor Project] 24: Oxygen Character; Thumbnails 01-25

There are similarities between the design of Oxygen and Hydrogen because it is important for the audience to believe that these two characters could combine to create the Water character. The large mouth and 'quiff' are important aspects of Oxygen's design, with the former connecting to breathing and the latter to Oxygen's kindly yet mischievous nature. The hands have not been designed yet, but I partly know how they're going to look. The grayscale is not representative of Oxygen's final colour scheme. My favourite thumbnails are 24, 14, 20 and 09.


Oxygen character thumbnails 01-25

Oxygen character Influence Map 01

Hydrogen character front view

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  1. Hi Danny, for me, the mouth isn't working - it makes this guy look a bit thick, and too much like fish, and I'm not sure about his extra 'knobs' either - I think his features may need to be smaller and you may need to think about making him look more like a 'cheeky boy' face - and then simplify him back down in accordance with your design rules: some inspiration: