Monday, 13 October 2014

[Narrative] 12: Kitchen Block Out for Narrative and Concept Art

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Basic Info
Research of real objects was used to influence the dimensions of the objects in the kitchen; I made use of a tape measure to visualise what these dimensions would look like in reality. This design represents that of a cramped kitchen in a one bedroom flat. The block out deliberately does not include utensils such as pots and pans as it allows further creative license when designing the concept art. 

Project File
As part of the project file, features include...

Walls and the ceiling are on individual Layers, can hide a wall whenever the camera requires.

A red & orange cuboid represents the male character's possible dimensions; the orange face marks the front of the character. 'His' current height is 180cm / 5ft 9" tall.

Everything is nicely named and put in Groups, and their history has been deleted and their transformations frozen = a clean Outliner.

The door swings accurately on its axis so can be rotated if needed.

Some Measurements
By default Maya measures in cm, so below I have provided some of the x y z measurements I used...

Kitchen dimensions - X 300cm x  Y 200cm x Z 220cm

Countertop dimensions - Y 95cm x Z 60cm

Sink dimensions - X 80cm x Z 50cm

Sink bowl dimensions - X 40cm x Y 20cm x Z 35cm

Oven dimensions - X 50cm x Y 90cm x Z 50cm

Table dimensions - X 75cm x Y 80cm x Z 50cm

Possible character height - 180cm / 5ft 9”

Door gap dimensions - X 75cm x Y 200cm (Frame - Z 12cm)

Width of average house outer wall (IRL) - approx. 34cm

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