Friday, 17 October 2014

[Narrative] 15: "Bon Appétit" Roast Chicken Dinner - Influence Map

While researching romantic French meals, I came across roast chicken as one of the options. The multiple ingredients and utensils involved in preparing a full roast chicken dinner leaves plenty of room for chaos. Since our animation will rely on slapstick comedy, I thought of the chicken somehow landing on the man's head. This premise has been approved by my team members.


I later discovered that the popular 90's TV show, Friends had also made use of this method of slapstick comedy - to this day, the show is still being repeated. Audience members who are fans of the show, of whom have seen this episode will not only be amused by the events of the chain reaction, but may also feel a sense of nostalgia.

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  1. This Mr Bean xmas special also springs to mind! :)

    1. Thanks Jackie!
      Mr. Bean was brilliant, my bit of nostalgia :)

      I noticed the almost primitive way Bean speaks/mumbles adds to the audience's amusement.

      Having our character mumble / hum in an odd-ish tone while cooking would also add to the 'fool' element of the story. And since he'll mainly be facing away from the camera, it avoides a bunch of lip syncing.

      Can just imagine him banging into things, chicken on head, mumbling and groaning with a sound like his mouth's all stuck together by too much peanut butter :L