Wednesday, 1 October 2014

[Narrative] 07: New Ideas - The Chef

Having been advised on our original ideas we have recently gone back to the drawing board with better connecting our story to "In the Kitchen" and the phrase "Every cloud has a silver lining", so far this is my first new idea, of which I have summed up below...

Cartoon chef [Source]

A chef in a (possibly posh) restaurant accidentally burns some of the food he makes, but in a rush decides to send it out to the customers anyway. Unexpectedly he later finds out that the customers love this new, exclusive, burnt taste and want more. The final result is that the chef and the restaurant become famous for this new delicacy.

This animation would be fun and comedic, for example imagine your stereotypical jolly fat chef as the main character. A few things to remember is that while burnt food does not necessarily appeal to everyone, there are those that it does to, a good example being that part of the point of BBQ food is that it has been charred by hot coals. Also things that the general public often consider weird or disgusting have been considered a delicacy by others, often in wealthier circles or even simply as part of a different culture. For example there is an expensive coffee called Kopi Luwak in which the coffee beans have been passed through a type of cat-like animal, called a Civet - this can go for £50 per cup!

The cloud would be that the chef burnt the food, but the silver lining would be that by a strike of luck the customers like this new so called "delicacy" and want more, leading to him becoming famous.


  1. Hi Danny... I'm a bit confused! According to Screw Loose Productions' blog, you are still working on developing the boy/girl storyline?

    1. From the sounds of it, while I was at home Phil came in to the red room yesterday and informed Adam that, to sum it up, we couldn't do that idea.

      So last night I came up with this idea; only a few minutes ago it has received good vocal feedback from Alan, however it / something like it does need to be less longwinded in order to fit within the minute time limit. I've got another similar idea I'm cooking up, that would hopefully be short enough.

      After discussing it with Adam and Sukhi, I will be posting both ideas to the group blog :)