Friday, 31 October 2014

[Narrative] 23: Female Character Re-Design; Thumbnails 18 - 28

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Working from advice given to me by my teammates and others including Alan and Jackie, I began to redevelop the design of our female character. This advice included:

Basing the body shape off of a more curved French pepper grinder than the one chosen, because the body shape was to close to that of the male character. 
To suit the new art style of the kitchen, having my new design inspired by 60's French chic illustrations. 
Losing the clothing's stripes due to the connotations associated with a stereotypical French chef. 
Losing the jumper, and returning to the dress. 
Making her dress' neckline lower.
During the process I was asked to bring the shoulders lower, and bring the inside of the legs closer together.

Also during the process I received advice from Alan concerning gaining better proportions, as well as correctly achieving the female body curve and positioning of the bust. During the colouring process the black outlines will be replaced, to better suit the French chic style as well as the style of the kitchen itself.

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  1. That's a much more feminine shape Danny! :)

  2. This look so much better danny :)