Thursday, 2 October 2014

[Narrative] 09: Bullet Point Ideas - The Chef...

Group 5: "In the kitchen" + "Every cloud has a silver lining"

Chef, Gordon Ramsay [source]

In order to avoid writing over-complex ideas, I have decided to limit them down to three bullet points.
  • Chef puts food in oven, falls asleep (/ reads book / leaves room).
  • Food burns, chaos ensues, chef tries to remedy the chaos (running for oven gloves etc.).
  • Curious, chef tastes burnt food, enjoys it, founds own restaurant.

Other ideas:
After a discussion with Alan, it is clear these ideas are weaker than the one above.
  • Chef is washing up.
  • Goes to walk away, slips over on suds.
  • Sees money hidden under nearby oven, takes it.

  • Chef is flipping pancake.
  • Flips pancake too high, drops on face while mouth open.
  • Bites into pancake, loves the taste.

  • Chef flipping pancake.
  • Flips pancake too high, it falls in pan of sauce.
  • Takes it out of pan, hesitantly takes a bite, loves the new taste.


  1. Good idea limiting it to bullet points Danny - no point going into so much detail at such an early stage :)

  2. Hey Danny,

    i like this first idea, i think we could do a lot with the whole, "chaos ensues" part. :)

    Perhaps we could arrange a team meeting to work the idea more? :)