Saturday, 30 April 2016

@Phil [Major Project] 49: Conflict Scene Posed - Various Shot Tests

I'm getting this scene complete first because it is the most complex of them all, since there are so many interacting pieces. For this scene I will be using multiple shots, so I have tested out various camera angles. Hannah suggested beginning with Shot 1, switching to Shot 2 when Hydrogen 01 lunges at Oxygen, and then to Shot 4 when the chemistry equipment begins to fall. Any feedback on camera shots and/or character posing would be greatly appreciated!

3RD-PERSON OXY pulls a silly face at HYD 01, making HYD 01 furious. HYD 01 rises up as he raises his fist to punch OXY & lunges at him, knocking the table & causing chemistry equipment to fall toward the floor. Both OXY and IRON reflexively try to catch the falling equipment but OXY accidentally slams into IRON’s chest, causing sparks. Meanwhile HYD 02 tries to hold his brother back, failing this he falls on HYD 01’s back instead. HYD 01 continues to lunge and contacts OXY at the exact moment OXY slams into IRON.

Individual Shots

Shot Test 01

Shot Test 02

Shot Test 03

Shot Test 04

Shot Test 05

Shot Test 06

Shot Test 07

Shot Test 08

Shot Test 09


  1. Hi Danny - to be completely honest, it's actually very difficult to make an informed response to this scene presented in this way. It's all a bit abstract, it could work, but without the voice track and the timings, I'd be hard pushed to feel very useful...

    1. Ah okay - other than the "Oof!" on impact with Iron's chest there isn't any vocals for this scene