Monday, 18 April 2016

[Major Project] 43: Various Chemistry Equipment; Orthographic Projections

These were all created with my Hydrogen & Oxygen characters hands in mind, particularly Oxygen's humanoid hands. Once modelled and UV mapped, the relevant equipment will be duplicated and scaled up within Maya to suit Iron's massive hands. The red & blue colour scheme is only for clarity and does not represent that of the final 3D modelled objects. Not included in the orthographics are a plug socket, water tap and a sink.

Using a combination of Maya's measure tools (in centimetres), and a Photoshop canvas in which 1000 pixels represents 1m, 10px = 1cm, and 5px = 5mm, I was able to more easily figure out dimensions that would work with the characters.

Measuring the character...

Figuring out pixel dimensions...

Creating a correctly-sized shape...

I have also provided an expanded Classroom Influence Map, which now includes the images that helped me figure out the equipment's scale relative to each other & their basic shape.

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