Friday, 8 April 2016

[Major Project] 38: ALL Character Voices, Every Take

Here is the rough-cut of all the takes for all my characters voices. Since organising them into separate files, I have noticed in one or two cases I've mixed up some of the boys voices, such as the "Woaaaaaa!", this will be easily solved. Next up I will be picking my favourite takes per character/person & bringing them all together in the scripted order.

Oxygen is voiced by Kidztalk's Ben Boardman, the Hydrogen twins are voiced by Callum Kay, and Water is voiced by Jasmine Harvey. Directing the kids was the kind & polite adult voice-over actress, Jacky Davis, of whom I corresponded with via email. Iron is voiced by The Voice Realm's Ian turned out to have previously taught secondary school chemistry! Both Ian and Jacky were very quick off the bat, which was of course very comforting with our impending deadline!

Everyone involved I would highly recommend to anyone in the future. Company-wise I'd especially recommend Kidztalk for its wide range of child to teen voice talent. The Voice Realm uses a pre-built pricing structure for figuring out costs based on word count & where the audio will be used, so the price is not one arranged between you and the talent, so make sure you know what you're looking for before you jump in head first - the system is set up so you can audition voice actors for free before you jump in too.


  1. Well done, Danny! Great to see you pulling all the elements of your project together so professionally; you must be getting excited now :) Onwards and upwards!

    1. Thank you very much Phil :) it is pretty blooming exciting & will be satisfying too when the mayonnaise has been made ;D

    2. "give me mayonnaise!" :D