Monday, 25 April 2016

[Major Project] 47: Primary Chem Equipment Modelled & Rigged for Animation

Bunsen Burner

Bunsen Burner L>R: Wire-on-shaded, Smooth and X-Ray

Bunsen Burner Outliner

Gas Tubing

Gas Tubing T>B: Wire-on-shaded, Smooth and X-Ray

Gas Tubing Outliner

Bunsen Burner Gas Tubing - Main Influence [source]

Gas Taps

Gas Taps T>B: Wire-on-shaded, Smooth

Gas Taps Outliner

Erlenmeyer Flask

Erlenmeyer Flask L>R: X-Ray + Wire-on-shaded, X-Ray + Smooth, Smooth

Erlenmeyer Flask Outliner

Tripod & Wire Gauze

Various Tripod & Wire Gauze Shots

Tripod & Gauze Outliner

Orthographics & Primary Models

Orthographics with X-Ray Wire-on-shaded Models

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