Wednesday, 30 December 2015

[Minor Project] 38: Iron Character; Modelling & Texturing Complete

While I compile and sort my development images, these high resolution images act as evidence of the completion of my Iron character's modelling and texturing. He has been textured to look like a vinyl toy, which of course required a lot of tweaking! I have used a Mia_Material_X texture with a carefully customised Matte Plastic preset and a Maya-based bump map. My own small collection of vinyl toys proved extremely useful for figuring out the texture's attributes, especially my Bender figure. 

I have not made Iron's hands retractable because in 3D it feels like the extra complexity of having hand-alcoves in Iron's side would be out of place. If some form of sliding panel were used to hide the hands when retracted such an option would be stepping too far into robot territory.

Texture Influences
Bender vinyl figure

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