Thursday, 17 December 2015

@Alan [Minor Project] 33: Iron Character; Modelling 02

FAO Alan
Since Iron's eyes aren't made up of spheres, what do you think the best alternative is for animating the pupil? After researching Sonic 3D models I came across the idea of using animated UVs, or animating a black circular plane moving over the surface of the eyes; would any of these be a suitable option?

On a separate note, I may have misheard one of my classmates last week, but is rigging (or building the skeleton?) now a significantly/completely different process in Maya 2016?

Iron head progress: smoothed mesh

First eyes test (to be revised)

Some Progress Info
Development of the head will be compiled and uploaded in a separate post. Here's Iron's head progress so far! 

See here for the models of his torso and feet so far.

I had tested out Iron's eyes but quickly realised that having them slightly bulbous did not work. I will experiment with flatter eyes and having them set deeper in the head.




Cross-section (Persp)


  1. Create a flat plane for the eyes that sits in the head and then add pupils on to it. When rigging you can use a 'geometry constraint' so that the pupils stick to the plane.