Saturday, 12 December 2015

@Alan [Minor Project] 30: Iron Character; Modelling 01

Alan do you have any feedback for me on my Iron modelling progress please? Such as whether you think the hard edges of Iron's torso are suitable, or whether the hard edges are too sharp on Iron's torso/feet.

Latest Progress





Foot Projections - Non-smoothed

Foot Projections - Smoothed


Iron's head will sit partially within an alcove inside his body, his hands with also be able to retract into an alcove either side of his chest, I have indicated these features in the front & side views via dotted lines and darker shading. The side view does not show Iron's facial features or his brow.


On Iron's foot I had previously performed an offset extrude on its lower part to create a hard edge, afterwards I decided to extend the edges up the foot on the 4 sides instead, giving the foot harder edges leading to the point. Curving in the bottom of Iron's foot in the front view did not look right so I decided to remove this feature.

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  1. Get the head modelled first...its the most important part of your model, it holds all of the character.