Wednesday, 23 December 2015

[Minor Project] 36: Water Character; Revised Influence Map & Character Info

During a previous tutorial with Phil, we discussed various aspects of Water's personality. Water will be female, she'll also be best friends with Oxygen in the sense of a Jack & Jill, Harry & Hermione, or head boy & head girl kind of relationship. Hydrogen may have a crush on Water, making him jealous of Oxygen's friendship with her. This jealousy would be the reason behind the argument between Oxygen and Hydrogen in episode one of Elements Academy.

Like Oxygen, Water will be a popular character because in reality water brings life; children also grow up with water and oxygen being a good thing. As well as popular, Water will be powerful, confident and courageous, whilst also energetic and sporty. She is not a "girly girl", nor drippy. Phil suggests that Water and Oxygen would be the characters that re-occur the most within the Elements Academy series.

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