Tuesday, 15 December 2015

[Minor Project] 31: Oxygen Character; Hand Designing & Testing

I began with the top view of Hydrogen's hand and developed Oxygen's from there, since both their bodies are built upon a sphere. I had previously encountered the problem of the claw-like appearance 3 fingers can have whilst designing Iron's hands, so I decided to give Oxygen four fingers because it may further help the audience empathise with him if his hands are more humanoid. 

After producing 20 variations I chose my top 6 - H04, H06, H08, H12, H13 and H17 - and tested these out in combination with Oxygen's body. For 07-09 I tested out my top 3 of these with smaller hands. I was torn between 05 and 08, thinking 05's hands might be too big; I decided upon 05 as my favourite, which uses H13 as the hands.

Favourite Oxygen design

Oxygen hand thumbnails H01-H20

Oxygen (with hands) thumbnails 01-09


  1. Hi Danny,

    I might look horrendous and can see out of one eye, but hey, I'm still here! In terms of the hands, I'm drawn much more to h19 and h20 - could we see an ensemble of the character with those two choices too?

    1. Hi Phil,

      Sorry, I didn't @Phil as to not put you through even a little bit more pain than you have been through already. But I shall do that now!