Tuesday, 13 October 2015

[Minor Project] 06: Iron Character Thumbnails 94-108; Profile Silhouettes 03

Phil recommended converting Iron's legs to either short wind up toy-like legs, or replacing them entirely with caterpillar tracks, or something of that appearance; my favourite thumbnails are 100 and 103.

Iron Thumbnails 94-108

New Iron Influences: Caterpillar Tracks


  1. Evening Danny :)

    You and I are in agreement! I can see how 103 would move about too - forward motion on those tracks, but with a very slight 'side-to-side' motion. I guess the next job is arms - and yes, I reckon they should 'float' in common with your other characters. In terms of the head I don't see that as being attached - but rather 'floating' just inside the recess of the body - I think this is how you're imagining too, though it's hard to show it on a profile silhouette. In terms of detailing the head geometry itself, I think you could, in a simple planar way, pick up on this kind of contouring:


    but really, really simplified...

    Anyway - turn this guy to the front and let's see some arm variations.

    1. Thank you Phil! I've finally uploaded my new front view thumbnails :)