Wednesday, 7 October 2015

[Minor Project] 03: Iron Character Thumbnails 40-74

My favourite thumbnails are 66, 72 and 73


  1. Hi Danny - I think it would be useful to re-post your original character line-up of your previous 3. I think these shapes are already too complex to fit with the others, as it feels as if you're trying to make a knight from knight-parts, as opposed to the character of Iron who transmits the 'essence' of your knight reference. I fear I confused you re. the whole floating limbs conversation during your tutorial: I just meant really that this guy needed to look STRONG (as opposed to dissipated). I suggest you take a small backward step and look again at some of those bolder less fiddly silhouettes on the first sheet - and think perhaps about building your character silhouettes as a character in profile, because that way you could think about the head shape as not sitting 'ontop' of your main silhouette, but situated a little lower on the body, thus giving you a strong set of shoulders...

    1. Thanks for your feedback Phil, I'll do that