Friday, 9 October 2015

[Minor Project] 04: Iron Character Thumbnails 75-85; Profile Silhouettes

After Phil's feedback on my previous post, I have revised my approach to Iron's silhouettes and have designed this batch in a profile view and reduced the complexity of my geometry to better suit my previously created characters. 
My favourites are 80 and 85.

Iron thumbnails 75-85

Expanded Iron influence map


  1. Hey Danny :)

    Try working with shape no 19 from your first sheet as the principle body shape... I think that one has real potential...

    1. Hey Phil,

      With "body" are you referring to shape 19's head and torso or just the torso alone, and should I use it to entirely replace my current head and/or torso?

      Also am I right in thinking I should re-draw shape 19's body in a profile view? Since it seems like it would be too bulky for a profile view atm...

      Thank you :)

  2. god, sorry - it was late, I meant No 12! No wonder you're confused! I can see that shape working as the body, and a smaller version of it working as the head... sorry again!

    1. Haha thanks Phil, I'll do that xD don't blame you! I can only imagine how drained you must be D;