Sunday, 14 February 2016

[Major Project] 10: Hydrogen Skinning 01; Skeleton Progress 01

The very non-humanoid yet inherently simpler nature of my Hydrogen character requires a unique skeleton, here is my progress so far. The independence of the mouth & eyebrows from the head / body has given me the opportunity to use carefully oriented joints to control them; this will be particularly useful for the mouth by allowing easy transfer between a smiling, neutral or frowning expression. 

I have also given myself the opportunity to control the extension & retraction of Hydrogen's 6 protrusions. Perhaps they could become more prominent the angrier he is, and less prominent the calmer he is; their current position is representative of maximum prominence. Update: Since posting this, I have noticed that most of the protrusions main [inner] joints need to be reorientated so their axis face Hydrogen's centre, rather than following the World axis. The inner-southwestern protrusion joint correctly illustrates the intended positioning.

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