Sunday, 14 February 2016

[Major Project] 09: Iron Rigging Progress 01; It's Alive!! (Mostly)

Both sides of the rig have been set up, but I have only shown one side animating to save unnecessary keyframing at this point. Next up will be facial rigging.

One Problem Solved, Another One Arises
This post has been delayed by my solving of the issue of the Head_Rotate_Ctrl_Off_Grp having unexpected transformation values, causing the Head_Shake_CTRL to appear to have values, solving this required me to unparent the relevant portion of the controls chain and remove its constraints, however after sorting the issue, re-parenting and re-connecting the constraints, a new small problem involving the brow control has arisen. Note: The brow moves fine when all but the Head_Rotate_Ctrl or the Head_Rotate_Ctrl_Off_Grp are activated.

I have spent hours yesterday and this morning trying to solve this new supposedly basic issue, to no avail. It appears I am going to have to give in for now and get help with it asap at Uni tomorrow. I'm at least glad I managed to independently figure out the source of & solve the original transformations issue.

In preparation for help I have removed the constraints between the control & joints for the*:

Eye Spy
Another issue that has arisen since I first wrote this post is the pupils being extra temperamental in relation to their controls, I will show this issue in person when I seek help tomorrow. This has resulted in the odd cross-eyed state of Iron's pupils seen in the video.

*The issue still happens without the constraints, so it would appear it is not caused by the constraints themselves, but possibly by some issue within the parent chain.

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