Tuesday, 29 September 2015

[Minor Project] 01: Elements Academy; School Lives of the Periodic Elements

I will be creating a mock pitch for a web series consisting of short 4 minute episodes revolving around the school lives of the periodic elements. The pitch will include a story description outlining the events of one of the episodes, periodic element character models for that episode, and concept art of the characters (including expressions) and their surrounding environment (e.g. the classroom, and/or an exterior shot of the school building). For my major project I hope to take this to the next stage and create a fully-fledged short animation from it.

The target audience will be those aged between 13–16, with the series’ content intended to be both funny and subtly educational, meaning interactions between characters would loosely represent real world interactions between different periodic elements.

Series Name: Elements Academy
Episode 01 – Wat(er)’s Your Problem?

Act I
Location: Science classroom (teacher absent)
The Hydrogen twins (one is hot headed & angry, the other is calm & sleepy) are arguing with Oxygen over who has the most friends. Angry Hydrogen insults Oxygen, calling them a “Plant fart”. Oxygen retaliates by calling the Hydrogen twins “Simple”Now both angry, the Hydrogen twins childishly fight Oxygen.

Act II
Fed up of the fighting, Iron intervenes by separating them using his strength. Oxygen accidentally hits Iron, chipping their shoulder and causing sparks. At the same moment, the Hydrogen twins manage to bundle Oxygen… Suddenly with a bang, a bright ball of light engulfs the characters.

The dust settles to reveal Hydrogen and Oxygen have combined to form a female Water character, Water is laying on top of Iron, who has been knocked out by the blast. Water slaps Iron around the face to wake him up. For a brief moment, Water and Iron awkwardly look at each other, until with shock Water notices a weird brown rash spreading across Iron’s face. This moment may be accompanied by an overly dramatic ‘dun dun duuun!’ sound effect. The episode ends with a dramatic zoom into Iron’s eye, reflected in which you can see the horrified face of Water.

The banner & Elements Academy title font used is New Athletic M54 by justme54s on dafont.com, it has been categorised as "free for personal use" by the creator. For the Elements Academy logo this font acts only as a placeholder until a unique logo has been designed.

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