Saturday, 9 January 2016

[Minor Project] 44: Water Character; More Foot Thumbnails & Water 79-82

Feedback by Jackie on my previous Water foot designs indicated that the sole was a little too hoof-like, and that what the sole was supposed to be wasn't clear. Jackie showed me a sketch of Water's foot where the sole wasn't so obviously a separate part of the foot but rather part of the main shape; as if painted on to the foot rather than stuck on. Having a sole that is painted on would make the manufacturing of Water's feet easier when produced in the form of a merchandised toy.


In response to Jackie's feedback I created more foot thumbnails. After selecting my favourite foot thumbnails (41, 52, 60 & 63) I tested them out with Water's body and hands, my favourite of which is 81. This will also act as Water's final non-orthographic front view.

Water foot thumbnails 41-65

Water character thumbnails 79-82

Why use a sole in the first place?
The point of the sole is to further connect Water to athleticism and energy by taking design inspiration from trainer shoes; this connection will be much clearer in Water's side view. Because of the wide usage of trainers by both sexes in reality, this may also help to suggest that Water is not a 'girly-girl'; at least via contrast to more clearly feminine footwear such as heels.

With all these extra design elements, how have you kept to your 4-colour rule?
I have kept to my rule of a maximum of 4 colours per character by using the same bluish-white for both the headband and sole. While in the design itself more than four colours/shades of blue have been used, in the case of the mouth and nose this is only for clarity. As a 3D model the only colours that will be used are: white for the eye-whites (sclera), black for the pupils & lashes, bluish-white for the headband & sole, and blue for the body's colour.


  1. in regards to this idea of 'painted on' detail as opposed to geometry, have you considered a painted on 'criss-cross' of laces on the shoe to further suggest she's wearing trainers?

    1. Very interesting! I'll test it out :D