Sunday, 1 February 2015

@Alan -- {Adaption A} 21: A Portion of the Infographic

Text transitions are not representative of the final animation, nor has the music been edited to suit the sequence. This portion of the animation encompasses the majority of the "Mike the headless chicken fact". I have not yet included the animated wheat in the background for I am not sure how to scale it down uniformly without having to repeat the entire puppet pin + nulls process.

@Alan do I need to repeat the puppet pin + nulls process on smaller versions of the wheat stalk, or is there a way I can scale it all uniformly?

Other than the placeholder transitions, does this satisfy the layout and design requirements we previously discussed?

Does the music still suit or has its suitability been lost due to a change in visual style?

Main Font
Dirty Old Town

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  1. Hi Danny

    Regarding the music its a bit 50/50 at the moment...One scene is not enough to make that kind of call so I'm gong to hold judgement until I see more - Eg the next scene might have a green background at it will work.

    It terms of the layout...I had a hard time understanding it was a feather (to be honest it looks like a speech bubble coming out of the chickens bum). You need to rethink that part....use a larger upright feather perhaps?...and make a more stereotyped/designed feather in terms of its shape. Other than that the scene is good - I like the axe/head chop. However yes the transitions need work/ re-timing.

    In terms of scaling it depends upon what you need to do...however you can put everything in a precomp once something is animated so you can duplicate it easily.