Thursday, 25 September 2014

[Narrative] 02 - Screw Loose Productions: Name+Logo Development - My Ideas

When we (Group 5) first began coming up with ideas for our group name, we each put forward multiple ideas and voted on our favourite. My suggestions were Story Forge Studios, Visionary Films and AniGem - eventually we decided on one of Adam's ideas, Screw Loose Productions.

We produced multiple drawings as ideas for what this logo could look like, of which my additions can be seen below...

Screw Loose Productions - logo thumbnails
Thumbnail 7 received the most positive feedback and is my preferred example.

Possible Logo Pre-Vis
Things to note when viewing this video:
In order to save time, at this point the screw seen in this pre-vis lacks a thread as well as the head indentation. The font seen in the footage is a placeholder only, nor are the colours seen representative of those that may be seen if this were developed. As the screw falls it is supposed to remain in the centre of the frame.

Based on thumbnail #7, this logo would be shown at the beginning of our films, much like that of Bad Robot and Pixar's jumping lamp. While this received positive feedback from one of our team members, Adam, this does not necessarily represent our final design choice, of which one is yet to be made. Adam has also suggested instead running this in reverse, an idea I quite like.

There has been further logo progress by other team members, which will be uploaded on the appropriate blogs...

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